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Support numerous children's projects 

"Getting children moving" has always been a matter close to our hearts. Through movement, children develop their own personalities, build self-confidence and learn important values such as respect, team spirit, friendship and courage.

These personal values can be exemplified and passed on by role models. They learn to deal with them and develop social competence in the process. For this reason, we support projects for and with children with JumpandReach Spirit.


How can you support our children's projects?

With every purchase of a JumpandReach Spirit article you support various children's projects, because a part of the proceeds goes directly to them. This means that every ambassador of our garments contributes to "getting kids moving".


What kind of children's projects are supported?

We try to bring the diverse world of sports closer to children with many different events and projects and to inspire them for movement in the long run. To achieve this, JumpandReach has been organizing various sports projects for children for years. These include regular visits to the Innsbruck Children's Hospital, sports projects such as "Kids meet their Idols" and various excursions such as hikes. Our goal is to teach them values such as fairness, respect, ambition and discipline - for this purpose, role models from the JumpandReach Spirit Community are always present to motivate and directly pass on their personal values. In the future, there will continue to be a wide variety of projects for children and we are constantly striving to implement new ideas to teach kids the fun of sports, but also important values.

Because as we know: Today's children are tomorrow's society. Let's carry our values into the world!

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