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Welcome „JumpandReach Spirit“ – spread the spirit into the world!

"It is time to carry my heart project into the world. For 20 years "JumpandReach" has been and still is my opportunity to live a special corporate culture based on values and a respectful, loyal, friendly and responsible interaction with each other. The JumpandReach Spirit is what makes us special in the world of elite sports. It is exactly this spirit that would make each and every department, work team or company you personally find yourself in right now “more special”.

My idea was always to inspire more people and personalities with the JumpandReach Spirit. This idea formed the vision to develop something touchable and visible that would make the JumpandReach Spirit immediately tangible and visible to everyone.

A vision and idea that should give everyone the opportunity to show the world that they belong to those who value respect, pride, love, friendship and courage.

Exactly thereof a small but fine JUMPANDREACH SPIRIT COLLECTION was born. A clothing and collection that offers everyone the chance to be an ambassador of exactly this spirit, these values and this basic attitude by wearing the pieces themselves --> EVERYONE can be an ambassador!

A collection, which is open for every target group from the age of 10 and upwards, which should be made accessible to everyone, while still being really stylish.

We have overcome these challenges and are now ready! JUMPANDREACH SPIRIT is launching!

Be positive, be brave, be self-confident, be natural, be yourself, stand by YOUR personal values, become part of JumpandReach Spirit as ambassadors and tell exactly those people and friends about it that you think would be exactly the right ambassador". 

Patrick Murnig | Founder of JumpandReach Spirit
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jumpandreachspirit
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jumpandreach_spirit

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  • Kauf auf Rechnung
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  • 1-3 Werktage Lieferzeit
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